Primary Healthcare

Primary Healthcare

Primary care is offered by our certified nurse practitioners and physician assistant. We are happy to accept new patients and address their needs. We are able to accept patients of all ages, prescribe medications for treatment, order laboratory work, and write referrals as needed.

Primary care at our clinic is designed for complex patients. We are able to do routine things like physicals, basic medication refills, and other acute medical needs; but the majority of our patients come for more complex health issues. Since our clinic is designed as such, all policies and prices are made with complex patient care in mind.

The cost of an appointment is based on a $400 / hour rate. Most appointments last between 30-45 minutes which would equate to $200 to $295. If an appointment reaches one hour, the charge is $395.

Our healthcare provider, Rose Stinson, does offer a 25% discount on this rate. She sees patients at a $300 per hour rate.

Type of VisitsDescriptionApproximate Cost
Comprehensive VisitThis rate applies for visits addressing multiple concerns that can be adequately addressed in 30 minutes or less (including time spent sending orders, coordinating referrals, etc.)$200
Complex Conditions

This charge applies for visits addressing multiple concerns or complex conditions that require extra time during and/or outside of the appointment (such as reviewing labs).

Variation in price depends on time spent during the appointment, and work by the provider outside of the appointment.

$295 -$395

Charges are based on the complexity of a patient’s conditions and the amount of time that the providers will spend aiding them.

When you call to schedule an appointment, we will help you determine what the approximate cost will be.

  • Any labs or products will be an addition to this base cost. If you have insurance, some lab work can be billed to insurance instead.

Meet our Primary Care Providers

Krista Michener

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Rose Stinson

Physician Assistant

Rachel Lydy Smith

Certified Nurse Practitioner

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