Meet with our counselor, Joanna, who specializes in integrative mental health. She has been licensed for 20+ years and has extensive training and experience in cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy. She includes a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if her services are right for you. Patients often visit with Joanna for help concerning:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Mood Disorders
  • Screen Addiction
  • Parent Coaching
  • Expert Support with the challenges associated with Lyme, PANS, PANDAS, and other chronic health conditions
  • Life Coaching
  • Support with problem solving and decision making
  • Core belief overhaul and renovation
  • Thriving through life transitions
  • Right now, Joanna is offering a 33% discount on all services and packages until she has a full schedule. Any price value you see below is before that discount is applied. So a current appointment with Joanna will be 33% Cheaper than all those below

    Appointment Type



    Free phone consultation

    This is a free phone appointment where you have the opportunity to speak directly to Joanna. It is an opportunity to see if her services are right for you.


    Initial Assessment

    This is your first appointment with Joanna. Here Joanna gets to know you and your circumstances. Together you will make treatment plans.



    These appointments are counseling sessions after your initial Assessment.


    Price is based on length and complexity of patient needs



    Package Name



    Counseling Package

    This package lasts for six months. It includes one session per month, adding to a total of 6 sessions.


    For Joanna’s new patients, the total is $850 which is $140 a month. It is ​to be paid up-front by the patient.


    For Joanna’s existing patients, it is $750 a month. Which totals $125 a month. It is to be paid up-front by the patient.


    For new patients, it includes the initial Assessment and 5 follow-up appointments. For existing patients who have already had an Initial Assessment, it is 6 Follow-ups.

    $850 for New Patients


    $750 for Existing Patients

    Get Unstuck: 10-Week Core Belief Overhaul and Renovation Program

    Half paid up front. Half paid after the 5th Session.

    Includes 10-weekly sessions focused on patients that want to be seen for the condition below.


    Behaviors always follow beliefs and if you try to change behaviors without examining your core beliefs, you will feel like a fish out of water, engaging in behaviors that do not fit how you see yourself and as a result are almost impossible to maintain.

    In this program, you will work through a process to identify and replace the core beliefs that keep you stuck as well as be much more likely to rid yourself of their associated sabotaging behaviors. Based on this work, it will likely become much easier to let go of ineffective behaviors. Coaching at the end of the program increases the likelihood that you will anchor these new beliefs and behaviors so that you are much more likely to maintain them for the long run. This is a life changing program!