Chronic Illness and Lyme Associated Diseases

Chronic Illness and Lyme Associated Diseases

We are pleased to offer care for borreliosis (Lyme Disease) and related conditions. Because of its complexity, the charges for these services are different from those of our primary care services.
Typical Treatment Schedule:
1. First Appointment – We ask that you come in-person to the clinic to be seen by our providers. They will review with you your medical history, symptoms, current conditions, and previous lab work done. They may order more lab work and start a treatment plan based on your symptoms. Plan to spend 90 minutes at the clinic.
2. Follow-up Appointments – Your first follow-up appointment is about 1 month after your initial visit. To follow-up on any new lab work and also see how you are progressing in the treatment plan so far. If treatment is going well, then follow-up appointments will be more spaced out. Most patients do follow up every 2 or 3 months after their first follow-up.
3. Your Medications/Supplements/Antibiotics – We do use antibiotics and medications for the treatment plans. We give supplement recommendations to support your body while undergoing the lyme disease treatment. Your provider will explain more during your initial appointment.

Telehealth Treatment – We ask that you be seen in-person for your first appointment so the nursing staff can see how you are doing. After that, we can do follow-up appointments virtually. Rachel Lydy Smith handles our telehealth appointments for lyme disease. 

Treatment for Children – We do offer pediatric treatment for lyme disease. Pediatric Patients will do treatment with Rachel Lydy Smith. We ask that you come in for the first appointment, but it is optional to do telehealth or come in person for future appointments. 

The prices below are based on a $400 an hour rate as patients with complex illness require more attention than primary care patients. If you are coming because of a recent tick-bite or mild symptoms that may not be very complex, your appointment may not require as much time as most patients. We will apply the hourly rate to your visit instead. Most patients should expect their first appointment to be an hour long.

Type of Fee



First Appointment

You will meet with one of our providers: Rachel Lydy Smith, or Krista Michener.


Follow-up Appointments

Price is based on complexity and time. Most appointments are 30 or 45 minutes which is $200 or $275. If an appointment is complex and reaches an hour or more, we will cap the price at $375.

As your symptoms improve, follow-up appointments may become less frequent.


Lab testing for Lyme and related infections

We offer a variety of testing options. Read below for details

Varies widely, can be up to $2000.  Medicare and some other insurance plans may reimburse for the cost of testing.

Your provider will discuss pricing and affordability prior to ordering to see what is best for you.

Lab Testing for Lyme and Related Infections
We use laboratory testing from IGeneX, Galaxy Diagnostics, and TLab.  Most results are available within 3 weeks.  A few tests take up to 6 weeks. The majority of these tests are blood draws.


  • With the exception of traditional Medicare (not HMOs or PPOs), insurance companies do not pay directly for specialty labs. This is not our policy, it is theirs.  Payment is due at the time of service.  You will be provided an itemized receipt with diagnosis and lab codes that can be submitted to  insurance or other third party payers for out-of-network reimbursement.  The rate of reimbursement varies widely from plan to plan. We recommend consulting with your insurance company to see if they will provide out-of-network reimbursement for you.

Meet our Chronic Illness and Lyme Associated Disease Providers

Krista Michener

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Rachel Lydy Smith

Certified Nurse Practitioner

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