Administrative Fees and Insurance

Type of Fee



Cancelation fees

There will be a $25 fee for all appointments canceled within 24 hours of the appointment’s start time.


Appointments canceled before 24 hours will have no fees.


Nursing phone call fees

The first 10 minutes on the phone are free. After that, patients will pay $1 per minute as an administrative fee

$1 / minute


First 10 Minutes Free

Nursing work outside of appointment

Work that will be done outside of appointments will be charged a rate of $1 a minute.


This includes time spent on phone calls, paperwork, prior authorizations, and other activities.

$1 / minute


First 10 Minutes Free

Providers’ and Practitioners’ time

For Providers and practitioners, the rule will be $3.33 a minute with the first 5 minutes free. 


For example, brief messages in the portal with updates or order clarifications will typically be brief and have no charge. 


Longer communications, including requests for new prescriptions, refills, or lab orders, will be billed at the $3.33 rate.

$3.33 / minute